Williams Dry Cleaners are known for their innovative streak. Headed by Roy & Vera Williams, this Lower Hutt Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service has seen many changes in the industry over it’s 25+ years. But wheras, some textile care businesses may see change as a threat to their current operations, Williams Dry Cleaners takes a slightly different approach. “It’s these changes that drive our business and help ‘raise-the-bar’; allowing us to offer a better product and service says Roy. Whether it be new processes, products, equipment or technologies, Williams are among the first in the country to research, test and adopt. Roy adds, “It’s not only the industry that changing, it’s the world and peoples expectation of the service industry”.

With just about every other industry moving, or having already moved into the digital space, Williams were exceptionally keen to ‘up-their-game’ digitally. A keen technologist himself, Roy could see an opportunity to extend their amazing service into the digital space. Williams Dry Cleaners already covers the wider Wellington area in their vehicles, servicing domestic and business customers alike. “I wanted to make the Dry Cleaning process easier for our customers”, which is why Williams is proud to announce the launch of their new online Dry Cleaning & Laundry booking service. Domestic & Business customers can simply visit the Williams Website, (www.WilliamsDrycleaners.co.nz), load up their Dry Cleaning or Laundry order, pay then and there (or take advantage of our in-vehicle EFTPOS service) and our driver will simply pickup their ‘dirty laundry’ for processing. Once the customer’s items have been expertly cleaned, pressed and folded, our friendly drivers will deliver the clean items back to the customer.

“We like to think we’re making peoples lives, that little bit easier”.