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Wellington Clothing Alterations

If you’ve ever purchased that ‘must have’ piece of clothing, but have always compromised a little on comfort, the clothing alterations gurus at Williams Dry Cleaners can help. Our experienced ‘textile technicians’ can modify and reshape your garments to ensure that perfect fit you’ve always wanted. But don’t wait for these tweaks. New items of clothing will usually require a quick adjustment to ensure the right feel and fit. We offer a fast turnaround. Call the Williams team now to book in a measure & quote.

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Clothing Repair

We also take care of those little rips, tears and frays. If you have a favourite piece of clothing that is starting to look past it’s best, often a simple repair is all it takes to re-rejuvenate the item back into your wardrobe.

A simple clothing repair at our Wellington premises will certainly prove a great saving compared to buying new clothes.

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Clothing Alterations

If your garments need to be lengthened, shortened, let out, let in, sewn up, sewn onto, buttons moved, buttons replaced, zips fixed, hoods added, hoods removed, dresses tapered, jackets relined, skirts hemmed and much, much more ….. our talented Wellington clothing alterations team can make it happen.

Clothing Alterations

Our ‘Textile Tweaking’ Services

  • Zip replacements
  • Length adjustments
  • Jackets relined
  • Buttons replaced
  • Skirts tapered & tweaked
  • Dressed hemmed
  • … and so much more