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Restaurant Wear

From your impecibly dressed front of house attire, to your waiting staff uniforms and commercial kitchen wear, the commercial laundry services at Williams Dry Cleaners will ensure that your restaurant and hospitality staff are superbly presented to reflect positively on your business.

They say ‘the first bite is with the eye’. Don’t let your staff’s attire leave a sour taste in your diners’ mouths.

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Hospitality Wear

Our top-of-the-line cleaning equipment, coupled with decades of textile care experience means that Williams Dry Cleaners and Laundry Services will help keep your restaurant wear looking great for longer.

All of our equipment and processes are fine-tuned to clean your garments safely and repectfully, ensuring longevity and a better return on your investment.

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We Have Hospitality Covered

  • Bars & restaurant attire
  • Waiting & kitchen clothing
  • ‘Front of House’ smart apparel
  • Housekeeping staff uniforms
  • Smart shuttle staff uniforms
  • Pickup & delivery across Wellington
Restaurant Wear

Let the Professionals Take Over

If your business would rather manage your own core products, rather than manage your own laundry, give the team at Williams Dry Cleaners & Laundry Services a call. Outsourcing your linen management to the experienced professionals means that you can free up your valuable time, to work on the other parts of your business.