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Health Care Laundry

Out of all the commercial linens, medical linen is one of the hardest working textiles on the planet. Frequent maintenance & laundry cycles means that specialist cleaning techniques must not only clean the linen to medically-accepted levels of cleanliness, but must also help maintain the life and properties of the material.

Specialist, medical linen processing & care is one of Williams’s strengths. Our experienced team have refined our processes to offer the very best in health care laundry services.

Our Health Care Laundry Services

Medical Linen

Medical linen, such as hospital sheets, pillows and pillowcases are specialist items, not only because of the types of environment they are subjected to, but also because of the frequency with which they have to be changed and cleaned.

Here at Williams, our specialist and experienced team will ensure that your medical linen, such as draw sheets, single sheets, fitted sheets, knit fitted sheets right down to your standard pillow cases are cleaned to the up-most standards.

Ask About Our Medical Linen Services

The Scope of ‘Medical Linen’

When we refer to specialist health care laundry or medical linen, we’re not just focusing on the hospital room.

Williams service a wide range of medical and healthcare sectors. You’ll find our crisp, clean, laundered items everywhere from your GPs consulting room, your local dental surgery, right through to the day theaters of Wellington private consultants and surgeons.

Medical Linen & Health Care Laundry Services

We Service:

  • Doctor’s Surgeries
  • Wellington Medical Centres
  • Wellington Dental Clinics
  • Sports Therapy Clinics
  • Wellington Chiropractors
  • Private Wellington Consulting Rooms
  • Wellington Physiotherapists
  • to name but a few …..